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      Shaping Technology

      Innovation has been at the heart of our company since our founding in 1975. We are passionate about delivering new cutting - edge technology and product innovations that enable our customers to develop next-generation devices faster, better and cost efficiently.

      ASMPT has introduced several examples of technology innovation like AB339, the world’s first gold wire bonder with 50μm pad pitch capability, the Phoenix TCB system with breakthrough in fine pitch high I/O flip chip bonding and the world-leading placement platform for high-volume production, the SIPLACE X-Series that have helped to transform and contribute to the high quality of life enjoyed by people globally.

      To strengthen our competence in core and enabling technologies further, we invest up to 10% of our annual equipment turnover in R&D. This consistent investment in R&D has allowed the Group to broaden our product portfolio to serve diverse markets and to offer customers a total solution approach that encompasses the entire chain of assembly process of semiconductor devices as well as solutions for Surface Mount Technology.


      The Group has seven R&D centres worldwide, namely Chengdu, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Munich (Germany), Beuningen (the Netherlands), and Weymouth (the United Kingdom). Over 1,500 professional engineers and scientists are involved in R&D and more than 60% holding a master or PhD qualification. Their fields of expertise include material science, motion control systems, vision technologies, optics, precision engineering, real-time software and vibration control.

      Our goal is to leverage the technologies of assembly, packaging and SMT to offer customers new innovative solutions that enhance their competitiveness and drive digital lifestyle forward. In addition to collaboration with global research institutes, we work closely with our customers to develop solutions they need.

      Behind every ASMPT product there is a team of scientists, engineers and customer service representatives dedicated to earn customers’ trust with ?our upmost quality?products. Our strong technical expertise coupled with intellectual property accumulated over the years has enabled the Group to become the top leader in the supply of both the semiconductor assembly and packaging equipment and the SMT equipment.