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      Corporate Quality Policy

      As the industry leader, ASMPT places strong focus on customers, and provides them with world-class products and services that deliver business value that exceed their expectations.?


      Delivering excellence through:

      • systematic planning and approach in the timely development and launch of innovative technologies and solutions?that exceed customers' expectations.
      • best-in-class manufacturing process flow in producing and delivering quality products on time as well as?at optimum cost.
      • providing efficient and effective before and after-sales service to achieve total customer satisfaction.
      • effective feedback system in responding quickly to market changes and customer expectations.


      The Group encourages and requires full dedication and participation from all staff towards realizing its objectives to continually improve the quality of our products and services.


      Occupational Health and Safety Management System

      ISO 9001

      Quality Management System

      ISO 14001

      Environmental Management System

      IATF 16949

      Quality Management System

      OHSAS 18001

      Occupational Health and Safety Management System